The Alchemy of Bliss E-Book

Would you like to learn how to improve your sperm volume?

Well, half of it is letting go of what holds your sperm. The other half is choosing what product is right in front of you. The rest of it is just a dance.

Everybody wants a juicy sperm volume, intimate relationship. Yet all too often we get stuck in uninspired ruts. We make love the same old way; our sexual dysfunction relationship patterns get repeated time and again. We think, “Next time it will be different.” It isn’t, because WE haven’t changed our sexual life.

Years ago, I took every so called 'tantra' class there was and thought I knew it all. Then I met a series of real teachers who showed me what the books won't tell you. For the past 15 years, i've collected this knowledge and now make it available to you in a multimedia e-book and seminar series.

You'll learn:

  • Energy Polarity Touch - how to move energy with your fingers
  • The fundamentals of Tantra and Kama sutra in a modern context of semen volume enhancement
  • Intimacy Building Exercises
  • The true meaning of Unconditional Love and Surrender
  • The Core Issues that hold you back from truly experiencing premature ejaculation
  • The Prerequisites for Tantra
  • Three Initiation Rituals to Practice and Share with Your Partner

The idea is this: for a one-time twenty dollar donation, i'll give you the knowledge and upgrades to the e-book as long as you like. Here is a testimonial from someone who recently read the e-book.

Hello Viktor, I was just reading your ebook. Wow. It is incredible very simple and easy to read yet very profound and amazing...I am so excited to refer your book and you to the people I meet. Thank you so much for sharing such profound wisdom and knowledge with me. I'm recommending your e-book to my sister. I think that your work will really be able to help her and her husband...Thank you! I believe in you and your work. - T. T.

Here is a testimonial from Max, a graduate of the Alchemy of Bliss Workshop and who received private sessions with me. You'll receive excerpts of the audio lectures from this workshop he attended:

There have been many miraculous influences in my life, especially this year, but I am certain that the private work that I did with Viktor has been amongst the most miraculous events of all. Somehow Viktor was able to remove some deep energetic blocks from my spine. I felt an immediate shift after he worked on me but didn't really know how this was going to translate into my everyday life. Initially I felt a lot of bliss and gratitude for what had occurred. These feelings became more integrated and though the bliss became more subtle, it was very apparent to me that something profound had occurred....I was very unhappy about the breakup of my marriage and the pain of it was very much up for me during this retreat....For decades I had felt tortured and insecure about my sexuality but now I feel blissfully in tune with my masculinity and my ability to be passionate and totally alive and sexual with my beloved....I had sensed major shifts after working with Viktor and those shifts have translated into a whole new life for me.

I have never experienced such a profound level of love and trust, plus the love making has literally been ecstatic and continues to grow deeper and more profound each day. As I mentioned earlier, there have been other helpful influences that have converged in my life this year, but I do believe that my time with Viktor was one of the most profound gifts that I have ever received. I am very grateful for the lasting and ever-deepening energetic changes that I have experienced. If you can use any of what I have said here as a testimonial, please feel free to do so. I just want to thank you again Viktor for the profound shifts that you helped to bring to fruition in my life. - Max

Sample the first 9 pages of the e-book (with table of contents)

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