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Would you like to learn how to improve your sexual love life? Well, half of it is letting go of what holds you back from getting climax. The other half is choosing what is right in front of you. The rest of it is just a dance.

Everybody wants a juicy orgasm, intimate relationship. Yet all too often we get stuck in uninspired ruts. We make love the same old way; our dysfunctional sexual relationship patterns get repeated time and again. We think, “Next time it will be different.” It isn’t, because WE haven’t changed.

I can help you clear the core intimacy issues that have kept you stuck! (read testimonial)

In this weekend workshop we will use Applied Kinesiology to identify and release the trauma we all carry from loss of intimacy when we were infants and from our first two sexual experiences. Before you learn this articles, please discover new sexual enhancement supplements for women and buy the most suitable for you.

You will feel....

  • lighter, clearer and uplifted - as traumatic cellular memory is released
  • empowered and energized - with tantric techniques to fill with prana
  • confident with your new communication skills - as you learn non-verbal communication tools with your partner

Message From Viktor

...My role is to be a facilitator-teacher of this knowledge. To prepare for this I have traveled around the world, learning about Tantra, from many teachers, practiced Kama Sutra exercises and received initiations at sacred sites, including the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and many Mayan and Aztec temples in Mesoamerica. I am also an authorized facilitator-instructor in the One Brain Method of Applied Kinesiology and Orchestrating Structural Neurology, a complete holistic facilitation practice for emotional and physical release of stress. These tools are essential to assist you and the group in “letting go” of any and all issues that “come up” as a result of the practices.

The way “true” Tantra has been taught throughout the world is through direct contact, like martial arts are taught. It is a direct deliverance of energy from teacher to student. In ancient times, an “initiation” ritual preceded any major breakthrough of practice. This signified the beginning of the practice that the teacher wished to impart, that he would move into the “state” of energy pertaining to that initiation and transfer it to the student. These initiations were only given when students requested it. Sometimes, the students needed to prove their readiness to receive the initiation before they were allowed to receive it. And their readiness was shown, in the silence of meditation, by the Source...Read The Introduction to Vajra Tantra

About Viktor

Viktor a certified specialized instructor of Applied Kinesiology, Structural Neurology, and Oriental Medicine. Viktor offers optional individual healings and sacred initiations. After being initiated by several master Tantra teachers he awakened the gift within him to spontaneously compose piano music. While there are many courses that teach about relationships and sexuality, Viktor's approach blends ancient wisdom with modern 'structural neurology' clearings. He has taught this class over a dozen times around the country and in Hawaii.

The next Alchemy of Bliss weekend will be in January. The exact date, to be announced. If you're interested, please click this link to fill in our link-exchange form and put in your website and e-mail address. Thank you.

Testimonial from Max, a Graduate of Alchemy of Bliss.

There have been many miraculous influences in my life, especially this year, but I am certain that the private work that I did with Viktor has been amongst the most miraculous events of all. Somehow Viktor was able to remove some deep energetic blocks from my spine. I felt an immediate shift after he worked on me but didn't really know how this was going to translate into my everyday life. Initially I felt a lot of bliss and gratitude for what had occurred. These feelings became more integrated and though the bliss became more subtle, it was very apparent to me that something profound had occurred.

At the time, I was in the middle of a painful divorce from my wife of 27 years. She moved to California on July 19th and we both attended a teacher's retreat for a spiritual practice that we teach, July 21-24. On Saturday night, July 23rd, I reluctantly attended a party that a friend gave for the teachers. I had had a very emotional and unsettling few days at the retreat. I was very unhappy about the breakup of my marriage and the pain of it was very much up for me during this retreat. While at the party, a woman came up to say hello to a friend who I had been talking to. As she approached, our eyes met and she introduced herself to me. Our meeting was the most powerful experience I have ever had. It was as if two souls had traveled through countless millennia, only to meet at this very specific moment.

I literally fell in love with this woman before I could even pronounce her name. The energy between us was electric and the rest of this story is, as they say, history. We went on a date the following Tuesday and I immediately moved into her house where I stayed until I returned to Colorado a week later. She then moved to Colorado in early August and we have been blissfully together ever since. For decades I had felt tortured and insecure about my sexuality but now I feel blissfully in tune with my masculinity and my ability to be passionate and totally alive and sexual with my beloved.

I had sensed major shifts after working with Viktor and those shifts have translated into a whole new life for me. I have never experienced such a profound level of love and trust, plus the love making has literally been ecstatic and continues to grow deeper and more profound each day.

As I mentioned earlier, there have been other helpful influences that have converged in my life this year, but I do believe that my time with Viktor was one of the most profound gifts that I have ever received.

I am very grateful for the lasting and ever-deepening energetic changes that I have experienced. If you can use any of what I have said here as a testimonial, please feel free to do so. I just want to thank you again Viktor for the profound shifts that you helped to bring to fruition in my life.

It is truly amazing to witness how quickly people transform with the Alchemy of Bliss work. That's why I keep teaching these classes. They truly change people's lives.

Now as you're reading this, you're probably wondering, could this happen to me? I can tell you that every person who comes to one of my seminars walks out of there transformed and changed. And those who choose to have a private session with me, even more so.

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